Why this website?
1. To allow former spiritualists to speak of their experiences of seeking hidden knowledge apart from God and of those spiritualist practices which are considered forbidden in the Bible.
2. To provide a clear explanation of the Christian faith.

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This website was conceived from a Christian perspective and includes the views of former spiritualists and atheists who are now part of the Church of Jesus Christ. This website is not intended to sow discord amongst other religions and people of differing beliefs and practices. It encourages a ‘look before you try’ approach to spiritual matters because they affect you and your family, now and for eternity. Before visiting a spiritual medium, psychic, Reiki healer, or Psychic Fair in Staines, we encourage you to consider the guidance and videos on this website to help you decide whom to consult.

There is no need to pay anything at all for spiritual advice, psychic readings, Reiki healing and palm readings. Have you considered visiting your local Staines church for free spiritual guidance? A Biblical church will never charge as the Bible states: “Freely you have received; freely give.” (Matthew 10:8).

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Like all websites, the text and videos in this site should not be construed as counselling, therapy, legal, or other professional advice in any way whatsoever. This website is not responsible for any content on external websites referenced on this website. If you are seeking professional medical or psychiatric advice, please locate your nearest NHS provider. If you need a safe ear to talk to, please contact the Samaritans without delay.

1. The written Biblical teaching on this website were all sourced from GotQuestions.org – an on-line Christian ministry which aims to provide Biblical answers to life’s various questions.
2. The videos on this website are sourced from YouTube. Many videos embedded on this site were produced by ESP Ministries.
3. The scripture on this website was sourced from God’s Holy Word.

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Statement of Faith:
1. Full salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone.
2. Salvation is a free gift, given to us by God, through Christ.
3. Justification is by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
4. Due to Adam’s fall, men and women, in their natural condition, are sinners by nature, are unable to save themselves, and are in need of salvation in Christ.
5. People need to repent of their sin and put their faith and trust in the One who has not sinned – Jesus Christ.
6. Works naturally flow from a true faith in Christ. These works do not save us, they are merely an indication of a true faith.
7. Security of the one who has faith in Christ. Those whom Christ saves He is able to keep.
8. Jesus Christ paid for (atoned for) our sins on the cross. There is no sin beyond His forgiveness
9. Jesus is fully God and fully man.
10. The literal, physical, bodily, resurrection of Jesus Christ.
11. Jesus Christ is coming again personally to this earth, to usher in God’s Kingdom.
12. God the Father is a Spirit, and is a Personal Being.
13. God has revealed Himself to be a Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
14. The Holy Spirit is a Divine Person.
15. At death, people continue to remain in a conscious condition. There are two eternal destinations: Heaven and Hell.
16. Baptism is an important commandment, and all believers should be baptised. However, the act of baptism itself does not save a person, but is rather an outward expression of the salvation that a Christian has already received.
17. The Bible is the inerrant Word of God. The 66 books contained in both the Old and New Testaments are sufficient for salvation and living the Christian life.
18. The Church, which Christ founded during His earthly mission, has never ceased. Even though there have been times of apostasy throughout Christian history, there has never been a time when there have not been true believers and so the Church has always remained.
19. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are still operational today.
20. Satan and demons (=evil spirits) are real personal evil entities, in opposition to God and humanity.

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